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Improving Financial Analysis Through Structured Data
 ~ XBRL US - Baruch College - NYSSA - CFA Institute event ~


Welcome & Introductions: Campbell Pryde, President and CEO, XBRL US; Eric Linder, Vice Chairman, NYSSA Corporate Reporting and Analysis Committee

Keynote: Sandra Peters, CPA, CFA, Head, Financial Reporting Policy Group, CFA Institute 

Who’s Using Corporate XBRL Data? Hear from a panel of data providers and analysts about how technology changes the way analysis is performed, how they’re using corporate XBRL data, what issues they’ve encountered and what they’re doing to improve the process.

Building an XBRL Database: Learn how to build an XBRL database using the freely available Data Acquisition Toolkit that includes instructional information on where to find and how to load XBRL data, and code to develop a database. Learn about open source databases that you can use as a model to build your own. Speaker: Campbell Pryde, President and CEO, XBRL US

Comparing Financial Fundamentals: This session will provide techniques and tips on how to create consistent, comparable data through normalization and manipulation of XBRL-formatted data. Speaker: Alex Rapp, co-Founder, Calcbench

Analyzing Corporate Data: Learn about a set of public (free) tools designed to jumpstart the process of analyzing public company data in XBRL format. Speakers will walk attendees through worksheets and APIs that can be customized to analyze pensions, leases and other topics.

More Structured Data for Investors? U.S. regulators are investigating the use of structured data beyond public company reporting to improve transparency and functionality, and reduce costs for investors. Learn the status of SEC rule proposals, find out about an initiative for derivatives reporting and other reporting domains where more structured data will be made available to analysts.

Closing comments: Hal Schroeder, Board Member, Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Mr. Schroeder was formerly Partner at Carlson Capital, L.P., a Dallas-based money manager with assets under management of over $6 billion. .