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2017 Proxy Design Templates
Best practices for engaging and guiding investors

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SEC Guidebooks 2017

In EY’s most recent survey on corporate disclosures, 41% of issuers reported they were reducing flat text narrative in favor of graphs, charts and inforgraphics. That’s a wise action to take because in a report from Stanford Business, when asked if they agree or disagree with the statement “The typical proxy statement is difficult to read and understand,” 75% of investors agreed that proxies are hard to understand.

Does design matter? The most documented example is from GE. With the creation of their smartly designed “Integrated Summary Report,” the subsequent and immediate downloads of their annual materials went from the low hundreds (in 2012) to the high thousands in 2016.

To kick-start your 2017 proxy creation, we’ve released four design templates that will guide your internal production process – and help you guide your investors towards management’s recommendations.