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M&A WEBINARS w/ COMPANION eBOOK: The Inner Workings of a Deal: Tips for a Successful Transaction

Video replays of our three-part webinar series, The Inner Workings of a Deal: Tips for a Successful Transaction, are now available.  

The 20-page companion eBook is now downloadable at the same link, via this form.

The discussion, targeted for middle-market companies, offers very tactical, tangible advice.

Delivered succinctly and in plain English, this three-part series walk viewers through the workings of a merger and acquisition.Vintage is presenting this series in direct response to the increase in clients’ M&A transaction projects. Vintage, both provides both virtual data rooms and SEC filings of transactions.

The webinars are moderated by Bradley H. Smith, Vintage’s director of marketing and features the M&A expertise of Michael Schwerdtfeger, Chapman Associates.

To view the webinars and download the companion eBook, please complete this form.

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