Setting the Record Straight: Press Releases that Stand Out in the Digital Age

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On-Demand Webinar

Press releases are among the most widely used tools that PR professionals have in their tool kit, helping their clients win earned media, drive traffic and leads, and ultimately contribute to revenue. Through targeting, use of the right multimedia assets, and a strong distribution plan you can better demonstrate and leverage the power of your next press releases by following these recommendations.

Join PR Newswire as we discuss best practices for creating high quality press releases and leveraging social media, distribution and reporting to maximize on their success.

This webinar will discuss:

What you need to do to get more out of your press releases
Understanding (and catering to) to the wide and varied audience of your release
Leveraging social media, formatting, multimedia and reporting to ensure you reach the right people (and proving it afterwards)


Danielle Capriato, Manager, Strategic Communications, PR Newswire

Catherine Spicer, Manager, Customer Content Services, PR Newswire

Christine Cube, Manager, Audience Relations, PR Newswire

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